How does IPL Hair Removal | RURUHONEY Work?

How does IPL Hair Removal | RURUHONEY Work?

What is IPL?

The Intense Pulsed Light or popularly known as IPL is one of the hair removal methods and is considered as the best method for hair treatment. Numerous people can be a great candidate to experience its amazing long-term results when they try this type of hair removal method. There are even positive viewpoints proving that this is the longest-lasting hair removal method over many other options available. 

Moreover, IPL became well-known because it can be used to treat hair on any parts of the body that a person wishes to get rid of or remove.

Which hair and skin types are suitable to get IPL Hair Removal treatment? 

IPL hair removal is viable on all hair if the hair bulb has dim shade: dark, earthy colored, red, and even fair hair can be successfully reduced, given the hair bulb has dim shade. IPL hair removal can be used for most skin types. But, keep in mind that skin with dull hair have the best outcomes.

The Benefits of The At-home IPL Hair Removal | RURUHONEY

  •  IPL can help to permanently remove your unwanted hair. Many customers have given feedback that just after 3 to 6 sessions they have noticed the results that it bring to their skin. Up to 90 percent of unwanted or unnecessary baggage of hair would be permanently reduced once you start your IPL journey with us. Since the result is known to last long, you wouldn't be worried about plucking, waxing, or shaving any unwanted hair you wish to remove. Instead, you'll be experiencing a smooth and hair-free beautiful skin after the needed number of sessions to be done.
  • IPL is fast without the need to  spend a lot of your time. Some hair removal methods like plucking or waxing are known to be time-consuming and are often known to be such messy methods. However, in IPL you just need to spend around 10-15 minutes of your time but of course, depending on which part of the body is receiving the treatment. As they've said, IPL hair removal method is a quick method which brings an effective outcome to your skin.
  • IPL is pain-free and safe. This method is known to be gentle, fast with long-lasting results to your skin. 
  • IPL can be used in the comfort of your home where you will have the most privacy without any awkward feelings. Our IPL Hair Removal Kit is compact and light, you can carry it with you even when you are on the-go.  


        Is RURUHONEY's IPL worth it?

        Bear in mind that IPL hair removal treatment is an investment as it needs several sessions to see the results that you wish to have. Although IPL has a very positive outcome that lasts long, one must be very committed to visiting the clinic to monitor the progress of the results to your skin. 

        In view of pandemic and from the cost perspective, coupled with the number of sessions one have to go through at salons, a better choice would be to invest in RURUHONEY's At-home IPL Hair removal device that is now available at a very affordable price. Refer hair removal price comparison below:-

        How can our IPL Hair Removal work? 

        Our IPL Hair Removal handpiece radiates controlled pulses of light with Light Guide. It is then being absorbed by the hair follicles lying underneath the outside of the skin. 

        The absorbed light warms the hair, which harms the re-development capabilities of the follicles – all without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. 

        Light energy from the IPL is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which then turns to heat and destroy the hair cells. This causes hair regrowth to slow down significantly after each treatment. With visible results in just 3 weeks, and full results within 12 weeks.

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