The In-Depth Look of the Coolest Trend in the Beauty Industry

The In-Depth Look of the Coolest Trend in the Beauty Industry

The latest go-to beauty gadget receiving a lot of attention on social media is the face roller. From influencers to A-list celebrities, face rollers, and especially rose quartz rollers, are becoming a staple in daily beauty routines. What are they? What are the benefits they offer? Are they safe? Do they work? In this post, we discuss facial rollers, how to use them, and their potential benefits among other things.

What Are Facial Rollers?

In design, these devices resemble paint rollers; however, they are significantly smaller. They are usually made from jade or rose quartz. Those made from rose quartz are known as Rose Quartz Roller which are popular in the market.

  Face rollers come in two design options,

  1. With one standard rolling end
  2. With two rolling ends; a standard one and a smaller rolling end.

The standard rolling end is recommended for the neck, forehead, cheeks, and jawline while the smaller rolling end is suitable for those hard to reach places like under the eyes.

Because of their popularity, different roller designs are now available to meet the growing beauty needs of the market. Brands are moving from the traditional smooth crystal rollers to niche rollers such as studded rollers. The innovative designs meet the facial massage roller demands of various facial problems.

What is Face Rolling?

Face rolling is simply massaging your face using the facial roller. Massaging any part of the body has numerous benefits. In this case, using a facial massage roller allows you to enjoy the benefits of facial massages. The benefits include reduced puffiness, especially in the morning, drain excess fluid, and toning the face skin over time.

Usually, oil or serum is recommended when massaging the face with facial rollers. The oil or serum allows the stone or roller head to glide smoothly over the face.

Is Face Rolling Worth It?

Our faces are made up of numerous muscles that make how our face looks. Over time, depending on how we use these muscles, they may become tight, holding in tension, or even becoming lax if we do not use them regularly. These changes can negatively affect the way we look and also the way we feel.

Occasionally, we may need to stimulate our facial muscles by massaging them to help maintain a youthful look. Most people who massage their faces use their hands, which yields some results; however, they may not be as great as using a facial roller. You also have to be really good at giving yourself facial massages to get the results you desire. Using facial rollers to massage your face then becomes more convenient as you only need to know how to use the roller.

Keeping our facial muscles healthy is just one of the ways facial rolling is beneficial in beauty. It makes the endeavor worth every minute!

What Face Rolling Does To Your Skin

By simply face rolling, your facial skin receives a lot of benefits. For example, this simple procedure can rejuvenate your face, reduce stress, and even help to release tension, just like a normal body massage would. The positive effects on your face will be felt by your whole body.

These benefits include,

  • Improving blood circulation in your face. According to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, using facial rollers will significantly increase blood flow to your face. The institution experimented to determine just how effective facial rolling was in the short and long-term. Results from the experiment were very encouraging, even suggesting that long-term usage of facial rollers could improve blood flow response.
  • Reduce morning puffiness. After a long night’s rest, some of us wake up with puffy faces or eye bags. The puffiness is a result of poor drainage of the lymphatic system while we sleep. Because we maintain one position for a long time, the lymphatic fluid tends to accumulate in a few areas of the face. By performing a rose quartz face roller massage in the morning, we stimulate proper lymphatic drainage which gets rid of morning puffiness.
  • Quickly cooling and soothing. You can get a cooling and soothing effect by storing your roller in the fridge overnight and using it in the morning. The cooling effect will also help in reducing morning puffiness and stimulating blood flow to the face. It can also help to tighten the skin pores.
  • Distributing skincare products. In most cases, people apply oils and serums when face rolling. The oils and serums make it easier for the roller to glide, while the roller helps in evenly distributing the skincare products. There are suggestions that it helps in the absorption of skincare products, but this is yet to be proven.
  • Relieving muscle tension, stress, and pain. Hot stones give relief from muscle tension, stress, and pain. Similarly, quartz crystals soothe the face after they are heated. The heat and rolling effect of the stone soothes and calms, relieving muscle tension on the face. This reduces any facial pain and gives a relaxing effect after rolling.

By combining all these benefits, face rolling makes a case for itself as one of the best daily beauty practices. These benefits are sure to leave you with a vibrant, rejuvenated skin that will maintain its youthfulness for longer.

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