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At-Home IPL Hair Removal Kit | RURUHONEY

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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Hair because it's Never Coming Back!

Say goodbye to unwanted body hair because it’s never coming back. Remove body hair effectively with just one push using our tried and tested IPL Hair Removal Handset.

One cycle each session makes all the difference -  no more expensive professional laser treatments, frequent shaving or uncomfortable waxing! 

 It's totally Risk-free & Painless!

Engineered with Precision and Safety in Mind

RURUHONEY IPL Hair Removal's light pulses are able to selectively target the pigments surrounding hair follicle only whilst leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. 



  • Removes hair re-growth in just a couple of treatments.
  • Works on any body part. Completely pain-free.
  • Takes just 30 minutes for full body treatment.
  • Saving of at least Thousands of dollars every year from Clinical Laser Salons.
  • 10+ years life span
  • 5 intensity light levels (adjustable)
  • Over 1000's of happy customers worldwide.
  • Portable and compact device
  • Device is Certified for safe use.
  • One time purchase, no refills or recharges required
  • Suitable for Men & Women
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee, try RURUHONEY risk free!


Step 1

Shave the area that you plan to treat. The goal is to target the melanin within the hair follicles.


Step 2

Turn on your At-home IPL hair removal | RURUHONEY handset and adjust the intensity. We recommend always start from level 1 and work your way up. 


Step 3: 

Wear your RURUHONEY Protective glasses.


Step 4

Treat the area by pressing the flash button, or use the automated mode for larger surface areas. It is recommended to flash up to 3 times per treatment area

Step 5

Turn off the hair removal device when not in use. 


Step 6

Apply a gentle lotion/cream without harsh chemicals or whitening essence. Apply sunscreen before being exposed to sunlight. 


  • 1x At-home IPL Hair Removal | RURUHONEY, 
  • 1x RURUHONEY Protective Glasses, 
  • 1x Power cord, 
  • 1x Shaver, 
  • 1x User Manual, 
  • 1x Warranty Card.



Product Name : At-home IPL Hair Removal | RURUHONEY
Light Source : Intense Pulsed Light
Intensity Level : 1 to 5 Adjustable Level
Life Span : 500,000 Flashes, up to 10 Years
Weight : 186g
Certification : CE & ROHS & FC
User Gender : Female and Male


Energy Frequency : 1.5 - 3.9J/cm²
Focus Area : 33*10mm²
Wavelength : 470nm- 1100nm
Lamp Life : 500,000 Flashes
Lamp Type : Xenon Quartz Ray
Power Plug Type : UK


One year warranty 

  • We gonna cover your handset in a year with any issues.


90-Day Money Back Guarantee 

  • Not satisfied? No worries, follow our 90 days money back policy to get your full refund.
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Hands up who’s ready for smooth, hair-free, and camera-ready skin? Give yourself that much-needed IPL Hair Removal session. IPL Hair Removal's long-lasting results bring confidence to every woman.

Using state-of-the-art Ice Cool IPL laser technology, this tool will help you significantly reduce hair regrowth after 3-6 times of use while giving you the comfort to use. This newest edition of us has added COOLING feature to soothe your skin while we are zapping on the areas of treatment. This also mean we can use higher intensity level for quicker results.

You can’t deny all the amazing benefits given by IPL Hair Removal. Regardless of what area of your body you want to have treatment on:- legs, underarms, or bikini line, this is the treatment that you will never regret.

One cycle each session makes all the difference -  no more expensive professional laser treatments, frequent shaving or uncomfortable waxing! 

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