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We are more than just a woman-led company selling products. We are a bridge between the fertile earth and the blossoming miracle of motherhood. We believe that nature holds the wisdom for healthy beginnings, and we strive to share that wisdom with every lady, mama and baby on their journey.

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Mom-to-be Gift Box

Get mom-to-be something she'll need.

Being pregnant is truly magical. It's something to be celebrated!

It's easy to get caught up in baby showers and baby items - but what about mama-to-be? She is growing a tiny human for 9 whole months - she should be celebrated!!

This Mom-to-be Gift Box is simple yet perfect gift for a pregnant mama because these are some of the essentials throughout the pregnancy period.

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Intense Nourishing Oil

The utmost care for both mom-to-be and her growing baby

Embrace your skin's journey through motherhood with our luxurious nourishing oil – a carefully crafted solution to help prevent and minimize stretch marks during this incredible chapter of your life.

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Mom-to-be Socks

Keeping feet warm

Pregnancy can be demanding, but your feet don't have to suffer. Our Mom-to-Be Socks are designed with your comfort in mind:- to keep mama's feet warm while celebrating the miracle of impending motherhood.

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What Our Customers Say

Love the natural rose scent. Really uplifts my mood during pregnancy especially after long day of work.

Valerie Lim - Kuala Lumpur

Currently 38th week pregnant and have been using the oil by Ruruhoney since my 12th week. I'm glad that my belly doesnt show a single stretch mark .

Shirley W - Petaling Jaya

Have seen friends using expensive stretch mark care but is not helping to solve their concerns. I'm happy I've given a try on Ruruhoney's Nourishing OIl. It works on me.

Lucy Ong - Kuala Lumpur

I love the Aromatherapy Oil. I have sent in some of my preggy photos to customer service to show how amazing the result is.

Natasia M - Johor

The oil is working well on my stretch marks. Using 4th bottle now.

Jean Wen - Penang

I didn’t see any results until about 1 month after I used the handset once every week. But after the 4th week there has been a significant reduction in hair growth. I do still need to pluck at times but nowhere near as much as before. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

Arianna H - Sandakan
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