MOTHERHOOD is a wonderful experience that adds so much joy and happiness in our lives. But motherhood also brings in a lot of changes when it comes to your physical appearance. Weight gain, hormonal issues, soreness and stretch marks are some of the common side effects that are easily perceptible and can make a woman very conscious of her looks.


  • Firstly, stretch marks occur whenever there is a considerable weight loss or gain. And it can happen with or without pregnancy.
  • The second reason could be hormonal imbalances, and such hormone-induced marks are commonly found in adolescent kids.
  • The third reason why there can be stretch marks in your body could be the depleted amount of collagen that is responsible for maintaining elasticity and suppleness of your skin. Many a time, strong pills, lotions and medications containing corticosteroid or other such harsh chemicals affect the quality of the skin.

The areas of the skin that are most affected by the stretch marks are the arms, breasts, stomach, buttocks, and thighs.

Sometimes they can be so embarrassing that you may not feel confident enough to wear dresses that expose those areas. So do we have to live with them all our lives? Can there be a way they could be reduced or removed?
Unlike pregnancy, stretch marks are here to stay. Once you get them, they never really go away. Your baby bump can be long gone, but your stretch marks remain. While stretch marks do not have any implications on your health, they can affect your self esteem if you are not happy with the way they look.

The good news is that you can minimize or lessen the appearance of your stretch marks. It's even easier to prevent or lessen your chances of getting stretch marks during pregnancy if one were to start applying nourishing oil in their early pregnancy.

Studies show that pregnant women whom apply nourishing oil with the right active ingredients during pregnancy could lessen the chance of getting stretch marks.  

What oil is good to prevent stretch marks?

Good nourishing oil doesn't necessarily has to be an expensive product. It should comes with enriched fine natural botanical ingredients and vitamins for skin benefits / protection.

Check out our popular product - Intense Nourishing Oil by RURUHONEY. A powerful blend of 9 Botanical Oils with therapeutic benefits aims to deliver rich hydration for dry & sensitive skin, prevents stretch marks or scars and giving the skin a soft glow. 


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