4- Hair-Free Promo Pack | RURUHONEY

4- Hair-Free Promo Pack | RURUHONEY

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Introducing our HairFree Promo Pack comes with

  • One unit of Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal Kit that has added Intense Pulsed Light, Cooling Feature.
  • A bottle of our star product - Intense Nourishing Oil by RURUHONEY to soothe the skin as post-IPL care.

ICE COOL IPL Hair Removal Handset

We upgraded EVERYTHING we possibly could, to bring you our most incredible at-home IPL Hair removal device. A new sleek design with cooling technology for you to enjoy a salon-like experience, right from the comfort of your own home anytime at your convenience. One cycle each session makes all the difference!


This newest edition of us has added COOLING feature to soothe your skin while we are zapping on the areas of treatment. This also mean we can use higher intensity level for quicker results.

Post-IPL Care

It's essential to apply ALL natural soothing ingredients to keep skin healthy and moist after IPL session. Intense Nourishing Oil by RURUHONEY is free from harsh chemical & is nourishing enough for after IPL skin.




    • Cooling Feature: Maximize comfort & minimize irritation with RURUHONEY ICE IPL hair removal device's cooling plate feature!
    • 999,999 flashes: Lasting up to 15 years depending on your usage.
    • Automated mode: You can "Zap" with speed with our automated mode to target large surface areas.
    • LCD screen: To keep track of the remaining flash count and display the settings.
    • 5 Intensity levels: Adjust the level intensity to suit your skin sensitivity.
    • Removes hair re-growth in just a couple of treatments.
    • Works on any body part. Completely pain-free.
    • Takes just 30 minutes for full body treatment.
    • Saving of at least Thousands of dollars every year from Clinical Laser Salons.
    • 15+ years life span




    • Delivers rich hydration to skin
    • Nourishes, hydrates and gives skin a luminous effect.
    • Prevents stretch marks & scars
    • Protects skin against environmental aggressors.
    • Relieves itchiness from dry skin
    • Relaxes & Soothes
    • Can apply on all body parts
    • Suitable for pre & post natal


    * Products are KKM/Ministry of Health notified



    Step 1

    Shave the area that you plan to treat. The goal is to target the melanin within the hair follicles and put it into a resting phase. 


    Step 2

    Turn on your ICE COOL IPL Hair Removal | RURUHONEY handset and adjust the intensity. We recommend always start from level 1 and work your way up. 


    Step 3: 

    Wear your RURUHONEY Protective glasses.


    Step 4

    Turn on ICE mode by pressing on the "Ice Flake" icon button at the side of the device. Treat the area by pressing the flash button, or use the automated mode for larger surface areas. It is recommended to flash up to 3 times per treatment area

    Step 5

    Turn off the hair removal device when not in use. 


    Step 6

    Apply Intense Nourishing Oil by RURUHONEY (all NATURAL ingredients without harsh chemicals or whitening essence) to soothe the skin and apply sunscreen before being exposed to sunlight. 


    • 1x ICE COOL IPL Hair Removal | RURUHONEY handset
    • 1x RURUHONEY Protective Glasses, 
    • 1x Shaver,
    • 1x Power cord, 
    • 1 User Manual. 
    • 1 bottle of Intense Nourishing Oil by RURUHONEY




    Product Name : Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal | RURUHONEY
    Light Source : Intense Pulsed Light
    Intensity Level : 1 to 5 Adjustable Level
    Life Span : 999,999 Flashes, up to 15 Years
    Weight : 260g
    Certification : CE & ROHS & FC
    User Gender : Female and Male


    Energy Frequency : 6 - 15j/cm²

    Wavelength: 510nm~1100nm
    Focus Area : 30*10mm
    Lamp Life : 999,999 Flashes
    Lamp Type : Xenon Quartz 
    Power Plug Type : UK


    One year warranty 

    • We gonna cover your handset in a year with any issues.


    100-Day Money Back Guarantee 

    • Not satisfied? No worries, follow our 100 days money back policy to get your full refund.