C-section recovery tips from real mamas

C-section recovery tips from real mamas

What happens after a caesarean section?

When you undergo a C-section you’ll likely need to stay in hospital to recover for two to three days. Medical staff will monitor you to make sure your wound is healing, you’ve recovered from the anesthetic and that your baby is doing well after the birth. While hospitals aren’t the most fun place to hang around, staying in hospital after your caesarean will give you the chance to recover and have access to painkillers round the clock. 

When you’re at hospital, the midwives will be encouraging you to eat and move around as much as you can. 

You’ll also be likely to still have a catheter for at least 12 hours after the procedure and your wounds will be covered with a dressing for 24 hours. Doctors will need to approve your discharge from the hospital, and they’ll only do so when they feel you’re well enough to move home. This doesn’t mean you recovery ends here! You’ll need to take it very easy once you’re back home!

Tips for recovering from a C-section

So how do you care for yourself once you’re at home from the hospital with your baby? Here are the best tips for caesarean recovery from a group of real mums who have undergone C-sections: 

Keep the wound clean

This is absolutely crucial to helping your body heal, and prevent any nasty infections that may put you back in hospital or mean you have to start a course of antibiotics. 

Keep the wound dry

A dry wound will heal much quicker and is less likely to become infected.

Massage your scar

Once the initial discomfort and tenderness at the wound site has eased, massaging the area can help with the healing process. It means you’re less likely to get a build-up of scar tissue which can be painful. 

Wear comfy clothes

When it comes to C-section recovery, the consensus is that its comfort above fashion all the way!

Take your pain medication

You don’t have to be a hero! Remember to take your pain medication and avoid an unnecessary discomfort. 

Keep a pillow handy

Sneezing, coughing and sitting up can put pressure on your wound as you use the muscles in your abdomen area. This can add to your discomfort. 

Take heed of your physiotherapist’s advice

Following the birth, and hopefully before you leave hospital, a physiotherapist will give you advice on how to recover. They will show you some exercises you can do to speed up the process and help your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles return to normal.

Don’t neglect your mental health

There will be a lot of focus on your physical health after a C-section but this cannot be at the expense of your mental health, which is also extremely important. 

Don’t overdo it

Be aware of your own physical limits and make sure you avoid positions and activities that may worsen your pain. 

Use essential oils 

Some mamas believe in taking baths with Rose & Lavender Essential Oils were a great way for her to relax and recovery. Both Rose & Lavender Essential Oils are known for it's power to relieve pain, and the scent is also extremely relaxing. 

Hope these tips have given you some great ideas for your postpartum recovery and reminded you of the importance of taking care of you! Caring for your C-section scar is as important as caring for your newborn in the early weeks. 

Take care of your own health, and you’ll be well enough to give your all to your little one.

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