Know What You're Getting Yourself Into.

Why is Everyone Talking about IPL Hair Removal?

On the off chance that you live with so much unwanted hair, you've likely tried several options that are available to get rid of that unwanted hair, for instance, it can be waxing, shaving, and possibly electrolysis

If so, you've definitely discovered that shaving is an everyday nuisance, and waxing is such a painful process and both hair removal methods only last for a very short time. 

Hence, the IPL hair removal method can be your best option since it's widely known as a safe, non-intrusive treatment that over time diminishes the ability to regrow hairs. 

Light pulses are being utilized to cause damage to your hair follicles and disable their capacity to regrow hair.  Damaged hair follicles are disposed of, resulting in long-term results 

How many treatments or sessions do you need to finally notice the results? 

At some random time, just some parts of hair on your body is in the active development stage. The hair that isn't effectively developing can remain on your skin for as long as three weeks. In this manner, you will require more than one treatment to affect the development of all unnecessary baggage of your hair. 

Contingent upon the size of the treatment area of the body, generally, you may need from at least 6 to 12 treatments or sessions to get all hairs in their living cycle and accomplish lasting hair reduction. Some of our customers have even noticed hair reduction after only their 3rd treatment using RURUHONEY's IPL. It is subjected to individual's conditions.


What would be the things you should expect after your hair removal treatment?

Following treatment, you can expect a gentle warm sensation. This generally goes on for 2 to 24 hours and can be calmed with cool gel or ice packs. The treated hair keeps on showing up for seven to 30 days following treatment. This isn't new hair development. It is the treated hairs being removed from the skin. 

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